Titam A.E. When Earth Ends, The Adventure Begins

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The year is 3028 A.D. and the world is in trouble. The planet has become so overcrowded that they have to look for someplace else to live. The only problem is there are no planets available for them so they have to think of something else. In looking for an answer they attracted the attention of the Drej because of the answer they found. The Drej are a race of energy beings that are a scourge of the universe and no one opposes them for if you do you are dead.

Professor Sam Tucker (Ron Perlman) has found the answer that humanity needs and just in time. He and the Titan project have built a ship that will make it so that humans can colonize the stars without the fear of the Drej. The Drej of course can not allow this and they want the entire planet and the whole race of humanity wiped out. They do not want the threat they cause to ever be or to be figured out and at the end of the film you see just why it is that the Drej feared man so much. In the mean time though Earth has to be evacuated before the Drej get there but as everything great, it is running behind schedule and the Drej get to earth before everyone is able to leave.

Billions of people are lost as they are blown out of the sky or incinerated on the ground as the planet explodes. The last thing that young Cale Tucker (Alex D. Linz) sees is the Titan, the massive ship his father built and designed, escaping through a warp jump never to be seen again. It is all that anyone can do to survive the explosion of the planet but some do. Cale and Tek (Tone Loc), who promised to look after Cale, escape to a lone section of space to hide till it was time to try and find the Titan. That wait too longer then expected and we find an older and jaded Cale working as a salvage worker on a deep space salvage station. He hates his life, he hates the station and he hates his father who never came back to him.

Capt. Joseph Korso (Bill Pullman) is supposed to come and get Cale (Matt Damon) and take him to the Titan but even he doesn’t know where it is but he knows that Sam, Cale’s father gave a ring to his son that would allow him to find out where the Titan was going. He too has other reasons to find the ship and Cale but is too slick of a privateer to let on what is really going on. Once the crew, Cale and Akima (Drew Barrymore) find out that he has actually sold them out it is far to late to do anything about it. All they can do is try to survive and make it to the ship before Korso can sell them out to the Drej. If they don’t planet Bob wont ever happen. If you don’t know what this reviewer means then you are just going to have to see the film yourself to find out.

This is one of those films that you want to keep on the shelf and watch from time to time. It really is a well done film but because of its subject matter you just wont watch it that often but will regret it if you ever get rid of it. I personally think this is one of those films that gets sold and traded a lot as people realize just how much they liked the film or just how much they regret getting rid of it. I know I have replaced my copy 3 times because of it but I am not letting it leave my DVD library ever again. That way I can watch it once or twice a year when I dust it off.

I give this film a Musing review of ★★★★★☆ 

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