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Time shift
Fun Factor:★★★★★ 

Timeshift is a pretty cool game. This game is about scientists from the future whom were making a 2 suits that could travel back in time. So, the suit is a time machine. The 2 suits are called Alpha and Beta. The director of this project is known as Dr. Aiden Krone. Dr. Krone was planting a bomb inside the building that the scientists were working at. One of the scientists was putting on the Beta suit. He went back in 1939 and track Krone down.

It look like Krone messed up the time line. It doesn’t look like 1930’s any more. It looks like future. Now this guy has to stop Krone before time will mess up again. In this game, you are to join up with the Rebels that are fighting against Krone’s army. You will wake up in New York City. You will find more dangerous weapons that can make a human body blow into a millions of tiny body parts. That’s really yummy (insert sarcasm here!). This game is really bloody as hell. I have female friends that had watched me playing this game, and when she saw the guy getting blown up into million of pieces, she screamed like a little girl and passed out. This game is has a good reason to is rated M. The good reason is so kids will not play this game.

This game does run like a late 90’s first person shooter game. The reason why is you are going to level. I like this game because you can control time. You can slow down, stop time, or even reverse time. That is really what you must to do. Mostly, you are going to be using stop time and slow time. The graphics look great. It looks way better then Duke Nukem: Forever. Duke Nukem: Forever should been like this game. This game is been around since 2007 and Duke Nukem: Forever been around 2011.

Something is not right about this. The gameplay run alot smoother than Duke Nukem Forever. Duke Nukem Forever was alright, but Timeshift is less buggy and there no bug problems. This game does crash a few time, but so far this game is so great I can’t stop playing this game. The game is done by Sierra Entertainment. Sierra Entertainment did alot of stuff like Half-Life, Pharaoh, and some old city builder games. This game is so great, you need to play it, but keep it away from the kids and tweens.