Timeless: The Forgotten Town Collector’s Edition

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Fun Factor:★★★★☆ 

Another hidden object mystery comes our way in Timeless: The Forgotten Town Collector’s Edition. In this game, we see everything through our own eyes, and are put in a situation that demands some logical thinking, backtracking, and a very open mind. As you are traveling the rails on sleek bullet train through Europe, suddenly everything goes dark. You awaken to find yourself in an old-fashioned office or study, and there is a man in early-1900s dress fashion sitting at the desk. Once your eyes focus, you notice he is gone. You look for ways to get out of the office through puzzles and searches, and this leads you to what looks to be a customized sleeping car for a lady of means. Also, in this car, you meet a terrified ghost of a young woman dressed in white. As you go along in the game, you come to find out that the train you are now on is an old steam locomotive. As you work your way through the tunnel, it starts to collapse, and you find yourself in the town that is perpetually set in 1907. It seems that the only two people still living here are yourself, and some evil guy who looks not unlike a Nazgul from The Lord of the Rings Online. The thing is, you are on a timer, and your life is ticking away, unless you find a way out.

Even though I tend to test these kinds of game in “easy” mode, if you give this one a try, go to something a bit more challenging, or your game will be over before you really get to enjoy the adventure part of of it. The game is aesthetically beautiful, and well-designed, but there can be more of a challenge to it if you just choose that option. This game is not spooky, but mysterious enough to make you curious about what might show up at the next turn. If you are feeling a bit nostalgic for those Edwardian period movies of the 1960s, but don’t feel like listening to all those musicals, then swing by Big Fish Games and give Timeless: The Forgotten Town Collector’s Edition a try for an evening.