Time Relics: Gears of Light

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Fun Factor:★★★☆☆ 

I’ve got to stop being intrigued by the idea of time-travel based hidden object mystery games. Although some of them are pretty cool, Time Relics: Gears of Light left much to be desired. The concept was sound, and was not unlike the movie, My Science Project, where items from other time periods popped up inside the high school. In this game, objects and architecture from the Middle Ages suddenly pops up from in some town where we are playing as the leader of a time-keeping organization, sort of like the Time Lords and Ladies of Dr. Who.

Our role is not quite as broad as The Doctor’s, as we are only to make sure time runs correctly on our own planet, and we keep the gears in check on the big clock of the world. The animations in the break scenes are done well here, giving the game an anime kind of feel to it. In our regular gameplay, that Asian influence is gone, and we are seeing the same old kind of animations, both two-D and attempted three-D we are used to seeing in most hidden object games. I do like the fact that hidden objects came up often, as many of these types of games are seeming to focus too much on the search for an item here and there to fix something and the logic puzzles and weird locks to be called hidden object mysteries any more. Even with the anime flashiness, Time Relics: Gears of Light did a better job of sticking to its root subject. Still, it did not impress me enough to continue on with it. There are lots of time-travel mystery games out there, and you do much better than Time Relics: Gears of Light.