Tiger Eye: The Sacrifice

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Fun Factor:★★★★★ 

Fans of Marjorie M. Liu will really like this game, and I do like the fact that the paranormal romance genre has made it to video game format. This is not the first of her books to be presented this way, but the second in a series that started out in China featuring ancient shape-shifting magical warriors. How I managed to stumbled across the sequel instead of the first game was really odd, but I’m glad to know that it was the sequel, because the opening to the game seemed like something was missing. Now I know what! The first part! :”D

Anyway, as it comes to pass, Dela and her new mystical friend had a helluvan adventure back in Beijing, but the tale is far from over. Dela is ready to get back to her life as a metallurgy artist in the Northern California town of Rose Apple, but her friend, Hari has not left his past behind in China, and now not only are Dela and her hometown friends caught up in the mess. There are Chinese crime families out for revenge, and now she, Hari, and Kit are all caught in the middle in this intriguing hidden object mystery that spans the Pacific Rim.

The logic puzzles that often show up in these games are bright and not too hard to figure out, so the game flows smoothly, and soon enough, the bad guys are going to be chasing us again. I’ve not read at of Liu’s books yet, as I’m still working on The Hunger Games Series, but I will most likely hunt these down soon, and you will be seeing a review on the first game, Tiger Eye – Part I: Curse of the Riddle Box within the next 48 hours.