Throne of Olympus

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Fun Factor:★★★★☆ 

Zeus, Lord of all Olympus, is feeling a bit tired of his job. He’s been at it forever, and is looking to retire. His choice of successor is the wise Athena, the goddess of wisdom and excellence in battle. Surely no one can find fault with his choice, since Athena is the most intelligent and stable member of his divine family. Wrong! Everyone now wants a piece of the action, and to hold on to her claim to the Throne of Olympus, Athena is going to be challenged by all the major Olympians and their minions. One at a time, thanks the gods! And so starts the match 3 puzzle game that decides Athena’s fate.

Her first opponent is Heracles, but Heracles has Athena’s support, and this is just a training exercise. As Athena takes on other opponents, she can choose to gain more hit points, or learn a new spell that will ease her defeat of those looking to usurp her. These spells can also heal her, making it also easier to defeat her opponents. So now, she takes on not only her sisters and brothers, but her uncles and even her adopted mother, Hera. Each colour of gems on the grid represent a unit to build up powers and spells. The red gems are fire power, the blue are ice, the green give the ability to temporarily encase her opponent in bronze, the yellow is for electrical power, and so on down the line. The pink ice gems do direct damage, and Athena’s opponents also might have access to spells she does not have… yet. As for the graphics, they seemed rather plastic, and the animations were a bit forced. This game could have a very nice look if it was given a make-over. I’m not ready to jump right back into Throne of Olympus, but if they make a Throne of Asgard, I’ll definitely give it a look.