Three Kittentastic Kittens!

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Decided to give you just a musing today from me. There are three little kittens on our porch and have been there for the past couple of weeks. We love cats and the strays and wild domestics in the area know this. They know they can get food and water from our porch if they need it. Heck, even an occasional possum and raccoon visit us. The point is that we love animals and want to make sure that they have what they need. When a mother cat brings you a door present you don’t just throw them away, you make sure that they have the care that they need. So we cleaned them up, got the gookies out of their eyes and started feeding them. The mother still does as well but she wont let us touch her, she is too wild for that.

Screetch is such an adorable kitten and the one we will most likely keep. She just runs right into the house when the door is opened and loves to follow me around when I am outside in the garden. She is a fluff ball of love and I would never allow anything to happen to her, not to any of them. So today I decided to get a few videos of them as they were playing. I know that they are not the best quality videos, they were only shot at 320×240 on an old Fuji Film A360 Digital Camera. It does OK but is not the quality that you see even in the camera phones these days. One good thing about it though, it is fully bought and paid for and I never have to worry about it as long as it has batteries.

These 2 kittens, Peach and Needie are bundles of energy and joy and will crawl all over you if you give them the chance. These 2 are like peas in a pod and always wrestling with each other. I am pretty sure that Peach is a boy and the stripe-kalli mix might be as well. It really is hard to be definitely sure until they get older, when they are that young their parts just don’t have enough definition especially when there is a lot of fur in the way. Anyway, these two are always chasing each other and biting each others tails and ears. They are just so darned cute and we will definitely feel a sadness when they leave the house.

Right now the only kitten that is spoken for at the moment is that of Peach. A friend of our son Will, a gal I might add, wants to have Peach for her own. In about a week we will be taking the little bundle of joy to her house so that he can have a new and loving home. She like us is an animal and cat lover and we know that a good home will be found there. Now just have to find a home for Needie and everything will fall into place. I sure wish we could catch the mother and have her fixed. We get her presents just about every year and sometimes they just can not be saved which really tears at out hearts. At least this year they were good and fit and the only thing we had to do was wipe the eyes and nose and then start feeding these little bundles of joy.

Now to tell you how they got their names. First we will start with Screetch, sure it is an odd name but when it howls at night or when it wants attention you immediately know who it is. That little kitten is louder then our alarm clock it seems and is definitely louder then the rest. Peach was an easy one, if you look at the videos you can see why it got that name, it is the color of a peach. Doesn’t matter if it is a boy or not, it is Peach and all three of us at the house called it that almost immediately. Now that leaves Needie and it is not a name because of the paw thing that cats like to do on your bar flesh. It was called Needie because it would begin crawling up your leg to get attention from you and would not stop until you detached it from your leg and held it for a while.

I know the names are odd and you see why they are named the way that they are but any cat owner will tell you that the cat gives you its name, you don’t give the cat one. They will let you know in their own way what their name is and it doesn’t matter how odd it might be, they will always respond to that name. Hope you enjoyed the musing and the videos.