Thor 2011 Courage Is Immortal

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Marvel Studios brings us the story of Thor like we have never seen before. They have always been doing all of the other heroes but have done little with the Champion of Asgard till now. We get to see the story behind the hero and not just bits and pieces from some over stylized comic stiff cartoon. We get to see the grandeur of Asgard, the relationship that he has with some of the other Asgardians and how he pissed off his father enough to wind up stuck on Earth or Midgard. We get to see the man behind the god and get to see just how human he can really be.

Odin All Father (Anthony Hopkins) is getting old and looking to replace himself with another king. He has two sons and the one that he wants to place on the throne is that of Thor Odinson (Chris Hemsworth) the God of Thunder to the Viking people of the north, the Norse. In a grand ceremony Odin plans to confer the title of king on his son when something happens to disrupt the even, Frost Giants from Jotunheim had broken into the weapons vault and were attempting to retrieve the Casket of Ancient Winters that had been taken from their race ages ago during the war between the Frost Giants and the Asgardians. Odin took the whole event in stride while Thor wanted to go and attack and kill the race outright. Odin forbids him to do such a thing and that he was not to go to the Frost Giants home world. All the while Loki (Tom Hiddleston) just looks on surprised at the reactions of his brother and father.

After the events of the day Thor is found in the feasting hall of his companions, Sif (Jaimie Alexander) and the Warriors Three, Volstagg (Ray Stevenson), Hogan (Tadanobu Asano) and Fandral (Josh Dallas). They have been his companions in friendship and battle for hundreds of years and the ones that he shares all his problems with. Thor, Sif, the Warriors and Loki talk about the days events and decide, or rather Thor decides to avenge Asgard and attack the Giants by using the Bifrost and Heimdall’s bridge. Heimdall (Idris Elba) doesn’t like the idea and neither does Loki. Thor tells Heimdall to not inform his father but Loki made sure a guard knew where they were going so that he could inform Odin. Loki was trying to look out for his friends and his brother and had expected Odin to stop them before they even left Asgard.

It was the trip to Jotunheim that caused the falling out between Odin and Thor it was also where Loki found out that he was not like the other Asgardians. While the touch of a Frost Giant would freeze and burn his companions it would only turn Loki’s skin blue for a while. Odin is furious with Thor and Thor like a child throwing a tantrum yells back at him. At that moment Odin tells him he is not worthy, takes his power and takes Mjolnir, Thor’s Hammer, and then casts both Thor and the hammer to earth. Before throwing the hammer through the Bifrost or rainbow bridge he places an enchantment on the hammer. He told the hammer that only he who is worth may pick the hammer up and have all the powers of Thor. Even though all these events are shown in the film, they actually take place before the opening sequence of the film.

The film opens up with Jane Foster (Natalie Portman), Erik Selvig (Stellan Skarsgard) and Darcy Lewis (Kat Dennings) running into Thor, literally with a car, as they are tracking atmospheric anomalies. They immediately rush him to the hospital after Darcy tasers him because she thought him a mad man. For most of the film that is what everyone thinks he is, they don’t believe his story about Mjolnir, Asgard or him being the god of thunder. They think he is some crazy man, even though the gals think he is really hot. It is later that they are shown just how right he was especially after they see the reawakening of his power. The scene that I like to call The Empowerment of Thor is so emotionally charged that many are going to find their faces wet with tears afterwards.

Even though the film is fun to watch and it is a stepping stone in the Avenger story line the film seems to leave you wanting more. It seems to go too fast, that it is too short, even with it being almost 2 hours long. It seems that they could have added more but that also might just be me and my love of mythology and comic books. I guess there is only so much that you can squeeze into a film that is a gap filler in the Avenger storyline. Either way I will definitely be watching this again.

I give this film a Musing review of ★★★★★☆ 

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