The Treasures of Montezuma 4

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Fun Factor:★★★★☆ 

This is the fourth installment for the The Treasures of Montezuma series. It has a backstory featuring young Montezuma and his beloved, Anaokoa, as they attempt to escape the Spanish invader of Tenochtitlan via mystic portal. Montezuma escapes, Anaokoa does not, and we are fast-forward to our current time where an archeology student, Anna, has felt a connexion to the Aztec city and culture, and is soon off on her own expedition to learn about what haunts her dreams. That is where the game begins.

The game play is pretty much the same as in the other The Treasures of Montezuma games, but the goals of the puzzles differ, which actually gives a little more variety to the game, and makes level goals easier to obtain. Some levels are timed and you must reach a certain score. In some levels, you try to catch frogs on your grid, and in others, you break up the grid to create a waterway. This is much better than trying to get a certain number of gems before time runs out. As with most Alawar games, the timers are unrealistic. I do hope they find a way to make those clocks more user-friendly in the near future.

While trying to build an Aztec ziggurat and reunite Montezuma and Anaokoa in their magickal place, one must remember, that even though Cortes did take out the Aztec Empire, and that the socialist nation was felled for the greediest of reasons, the Aztecs were not too innocent themselves, serving blood-thirsty gods and waging their own wars. So there is a fun romantic twist, but this is a Match 3 game, and sometimes the marketers of casual game tend to forget that.