The Thing (2011) It’s Not Human Yet

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There are some classics that are almost always going to be remade and I think that in another 10 years you will probably see this one remade again. It seems that when ever there is a great leap in technology that this one becomes the guinea pig for that to see just what can be done. For some stories this is a bad thing but for The Thing I think it will always be revisited. It is the unknown terror and horror of the story that draws the viewer in and then slams them against the wall as they catch their breath. That is what a terror and thriller film are supposed to do. It is supposed to make you hold your breath and then jump or scream with something happens. This film uses those tried and true methods of scaring you without being a blood bath like the current films of the past few years.

Having seen John Carpenter’s The Thing and at least 2 other films with the same setting (anyone remember the alien carrot from The Thing from Another World?) I can say that I feel that this one fits in with them well.

A group of Norwegian scientists have found something that should be where it is. It looks to be a 100,000 year old spaceship that is under the artic ice. They say it bored through the ice when it landed and then something escaped to be frozen in the ice. I doubt the ice has been there that long but it is the story line so leave it at that. What they find is so big that they have to cut it from the ices in a 6 by 12 foot block so that they can take it back for study. First they have to gather some who are experienced in the field of frozen paleontology. For that they turn to Kate Lloyd (Mary Elizabeth Winstead), a leading scientist in that study of animals that have been frozen. When they approach her she is using a scope to look inside what looks to be an ancient seal that has been freeze is Dr. Sander Halvorson (Ulrich Thomsen) who has come to ask her for her help to study what they have found.

Sander doesn’t give her much information but gives enough to make her curious and decides to join the team. She wants to know what they found and be able to study it for herself as well. Especially if Sander is involved in the discovery. In no way is she prepared for what is going to happen and though the film only one other of the Norwegian team take more of a liking to her then Lars (Jorgen Langhelle). Even though he doesn’t speak any English at all he is always there to back her up and keep her safe against anything and anyone. Kate also is the first one to figure out and realize that the alien creature that they have found acts like a virus as it copies and clones the host that it is taking over.

The film at times can be dark but it is the artic and it is trying to draw you into the film. When things happen they happen fast and sometimes to the point that you miss what just happened. It is not till the next set of events that you remember and realize what just happened and it makes you jump even more at the realization.

This film is definitely worth collecting especially if you have Carpenter’s film and the original film The Thing from Another World. They are classic horror and will never get old especially if you remind yourself what year the films are supposed to take place. Also keep in mind that this film is viewed as a prequil to Carpenter’s film so it will not be exactly like the other two film. Watch the film with no preconceptions of what a horror film is supposed to be to you and just enjoy the film instead as it really is a half way decent film.

I give this film a Musing review of ★★★☆☆☆