The State of Things, at Least in this State

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I was lucky enough to get off work early today, due to some scheduling mix-ups and overstaffing. When I came home, Cleave was watching our spindoctor state governor talking about how great the times are, and how so many jobs have been created during his admin, etc… etc… etc… Well, it seems the next Congressman for Florida’s District 1 thinks differently, and maybe the world should learn a few things from him. So, Musing Readers, take a few moments to see things from the South, and consider all points of interest. Let those you know that might live in this area from Pensacola eastwards to Chipley that NW Florida needs to see things from a better light than CNN or Faux News can show them.

Governor Rick Scott addressed the Florida House and Senate today in his state of the state address. He started off by thanking everyone fro being there, thanked his wife and thanked his kids and thanked his God for letting him be there today. He was for the most part well spoken and tried to make jokes that might be cute but everyone dutifully laughed at them. He outlined the changes that he has made in Florida and how he has balanced the budget and saw creation of jobs but not the 700,000 that he promised he would make happen. He talked about lowering taxes and bolstering the funding for education but not really the funding of higher education which in this day and age is actually more important then a High School diploma. With so many jobs requiring a degrees that didn’t require them 20 years ago, if we don’t get kids and adults into degree programs they are going to be looked at as second class citizens. I know, I get looked at like that all the time even when they love my experience and work.

I felt that Gov. Scott was pandering more to the media and the floor then actually laying out what he wants to do for the state. He says he wants to cut taxes to create jobs, especially in the small business sectors, but can he really do it? Have we seen that happen in the 1st Congressional District? Maybe in the extreme western edge but not in the middle of the Panhandle. We need jobs and good education here and yet we see shops closing up all over the place. Go down the main streets of Chipley, Vernon, Wausau, Bonifay and others and you will see just how bad things are. We need to get these shops filled and working. We need to see people be able to find the funding and the opportunities to get that education. We also need to find ways to get jobs for those that have talents that can be used by the communities that they live in and give them the type of pay that will keep them there. After that we need to find them ways to get the educational paper to go with their skills so that they can benefit more from the experience and talents that they have.

While I applaud Gov. Scott for trying to see jobs made I do not think that he is doing enough and neither is the Government of the United States doing enough to create job growth. If we want our futures to be bright we have to give everyone, not just the rich, a chance at that future by offering them the chance to excel. All people and businesses have to realize that you do not have to have a person with a B.A. to be a manager when you have employees that already know how to do the job. We need to promote within and offer apprenticeships when applicable. There are many industries that can be done by trade school education or on the job training. The problem is that employers are under the misguided assumption that everyone has to have a college degree to work and those that don’t have one are not worth looking at. People are people no matter who they might be and employers have to realize this. If they would look more at what the person can do and the experience that they have you will find that you have a much greater pool of workers to choose from.

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