The Sims 2

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sims 2
Fun Factor:★★★★★ 

The Sims 2 is funny and more entertaining than Call of Duty. I got away from first person shooters for a bit, and started playing this game. In this game, you are making the story about the Sims. Yes, you are a god in this game. The first thing to do in Sims 2 is to make a sim. You can make a family, but I would rather make one sim, instead making a family, or unless you want to cheat in this game. After you make your sim, find him/her a cheap house to live in. You can build a house for them. After that, have fun.

When you are playing this game, you need keep up your sim’s needs, wants, and heath. If you don’t keep it with those, your will probably die or go insane. They won’t die just from hunger. They will die in many different ways. In Sims 2, your sims will act really stupid. They will some time get abducted by aliens, and become pollinated with alien babies. They will not leave the baby alone. The baby will cry if they do that. They will fight over the stupid crap. And sometimes, they will set the kitchen on fire. You need put fire alarm so fire won’t spread every were in the house. Oh! And don’t forget to put in the a security alarm. If you don’t, your house will get broken into.

This game does have lots of expansion packs and stuff packs. You can mod this game, as well. If you go to, you will find all cool mods. The graphics in this game look pretty good. It looks like WWE: Smackdown! Vs. Raw, but this game has better graphics than the other. The gameplay does runs like the first Sims, but even better. You can turn camera around instead switch it. This game is not only for PC. This game is for the PS2 as well. It doesn’t look good as the PC version does, but still a good game. Not as good as PC is. This one is better than Sims and Sims 3.

I do remember the first game, but not very well. Sims 3 is the failure of Sims. If you have SimCity 4 on PC, you can play your own from SimCity to Sims 2. You can put your own mp3’s on the Sims 2. This one is way better than Sims 3. I know Sims 3 is open world, but this more fun and fun to watch them die, because some sims are so stupid, they just cannot be allowed to live. If you just have Sims 3, you should get Sims 2. Sims 4 is coming out soon, but I don’t know if I want it yet. The Sims 2 you need to get, but Sims 3, don’t get it. That game is in the dump.