The Secrets of Arcelia Island

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Fun Factor:★★★★☆ 

Yet again we find another hidden object mystery game. The Secrets of Arcelia Island starts off as an expedition to Arcelia Island, and ends up as a shipwreck due to a tropical storm. Arcelia Island is no ordinary island. This island features a hidden portal that leads to a fantasy forest filled with magical fae creatures, but they are being held by the spell of a powerful sorceress that has placed four curses on the island. Each of the curses can be broken by destroying the artifacts, four magical pearls, that power them. So not only do you have to take on a witch and the curses, but you need to find the rest of your team as well, but when you do, you might find them a bit off, and possibly worse.

The graphics are bright, the hidden object puzzles are pretty easy to see, as this not a dark mystery, but a rather fantastical one. There are unusual puzzles to solve, and places that open up to give you new clues on how to defeat the curses. Arcelia Island definitely has a mystical land feel to it, like a cross between the Greek legendary Atlantis and the Celtic Hy-Brasil. You brew potions, follow new paths to places to find new object that lead you to the next clue, and you might even find some of your missing adventurers along the way. Some of your magical allies might be a little strange in the way they do things, but they will help you get the job done, because they have to live with the curses, so no way are they going to stop you from taking down that evil witch.