The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause

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The-Santa-Clause-3-Movie-PasterI’m glad to see they stopped this short franchise of holiday movies with this last sequel, because The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause is by far the weakest of the stories. Scott Calvin (Tim Allen) has been doing this job for quite some time now, and his Mrs. Claus is running a school for young elves at the North Pole. The kids want to know why Mr. Claus seems a bit stressed, and she tells them a story of the last Christmas past, and how things came to be like they are.

The story opens up with Carole Calvin (Elizabeth Mitchell) very pregnant and being rushed to the workshop clinic, but her labour pains are false, and everyone is a little put out. Carole misses her family, and wants them to be around her for the birth and the holidays. Scott and the elves find this to be a security risk, and call in for some help from the council of Legendary Creatures. Mother Nature (Aisha Tyler), Father Time (Peter Boyle), Cupid (Kevin Pollak), Tooth Fairy (Art LaFluer), Easter Bunny (Jay Thomas), and Sandman (Micheal Dorn) all show up, and Jack Frost (Martin short) shows up late fussing about how he never gets any kind of appreciation for what he does. He does not really represent as aspect of a holiday so much as is a herald of a season. Due to his mischievous nature, he has caused some problems for Santa, and is on probation to work with him at the workshop. Frost finds this not so much as a punishment, but rather an opportunity to become the top man for the winter season. This means some work, and with the families coming to visit, his sabotage is going to make things go his way.

Scott takes Sandman down to meet with Carole’s parents, Sylvia (Ann-Margret) and Bud (Alan Arkin) Newman to bring them to the North Pole via flying sleigh. Sandy hits them with a sleep spell, and also hits himself with it. Meanwhile, Scott’s family comes north, too. Curtis (Spencer Breslin) and the other elves are taking care of their travel. Charlie Calvin (Eric Lloyd), Neil (Judge Reinhold), Laura (Wendy Crewson), and Lucy (Liliana Mumy) Miller are finally getting to see the workshop, but they are in on the secret that this supposedly Canadian toy-making town is only that, and not Santa’s workshop.

When Lucy meets Jack Frost, he finds a way to trick her into telling him about the hall of snowglobes. Jack has found out about a way to make Scott lose his magical abilities and title, and is looking to become Santa himself. What goes on after that brings to magical time-travel, and a falling out of Scott and the Newmans. Scott has to find a way to get back his old job, and fix all the madness Jack has created in his bid for fame. What a mess this movie is!

While it is part of the series, the scriptwriting just went downhill with this one, and it has way too many holes in it that might have not been left on the cutting room floor. The idea of a very arrogant Santa turning his workshop into a theme park is a bit hard to take, so if you want to finish off the series go ahead and watch, but I think when it comes to Legendary figures, it might be best to go with The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen or Rise of the Guardians instead.

I give this film a Musing review of ★★★☆☆☆