The Princess Diaries 2 : Royal Engagement

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It’s been five years since we first met Princess Mia (Anna Hathaway) in The Princess Dairies. Mia has just finished college, and is heading back to Genovia. Queen Clarisse (Julie Andrews) is ready to retire and wants to spend her golden years with Joe (Hector Elizondo), and feels that Mia has matured enough to rule. The people of Genovia like her, but there is archaic law on Genovia’s books that states that an unmarried woman cannot take the throne. At Mia’s 21st birthday ball, she meets many eligible bachelors with noble titles, but the one whom she dances with that she takes a liking to is Lord Nicholas Devereaux (Star Trek’s Chris Pine), as he rescues her from another disastrous dance with someone else. What Mia does not know is that Lord Devereaux’s uncle, Viscount Mabrey (John Rhys-Davies) is using his parliamentary power to steal the throne for Nicholas by insisting that this old royal law be enforced. Clarisse, Mia, and Charlotte (Kathleen Marshall) hunt through the list of single European noblemen, but keep finding reasons to reject them. Even Prince William turns up, but as he will become King of England, Mia cannot choose him. Charlotte just put him in the list because she like to look at him. Clarisse and Mia heartily agree, but eventually they choose Andrew Jacoby (Callum Blue of Dead Like Me), an English Duke with a scandal-free past and of the perfect age. Even the royal pets, tuxedo cat Fat Louie and Maurice the poodle like him.

Mia and Andrew hit it off well, but the media is dodging their every step, as is common with Royal Engagements. The lead gossip reporter is Elsie Penworthy (Kim Thomson), an upbeat Scottish redhead who can find the slightest hint of a scandal anywhere. Sadly, Elsie is following the wrong lead in this case, because Viscount Mabrey is doing all kinds of sabotage to Princess Mia before the press to prove she is not worthy of the throne. Meanwhile, much romantic tension is building between Mia and Nicholas, and Nicholas cannot bring himself to take what is rightfully hers, with the exception of her heart.

She has the support of her mother, Helen, (Caroline Goodall), and stepfather, debate teacher, Patrick O’Donnell (Sean O’Bryan), and her best friend since forever, Lilly (Heather Matarazzo). She even has a kind of hen’s party, with princesses from around the globe, featuring great music by Queen Clarisse, her friend, Asana (Raven-Symone), and her lady’s maids, Brigitte (Shea Curry) and Brigitta (Anna A. White). Joe is teaching his nephew the ropes to becoming part of the royals’ security detail, as he is ready to retire as well. It all leads to surprises up to the day of the wedding with a surprising, and very happy ending, as any Disney movie would have.

Take a break from all the attention on the U.K. this week to see The Princess Diaries 2 : Royal Engagement for a couple of hours of fictional Genovian fun with your princes and princesses.

I give this film a Musing review of ★★★★★☆