The Mines of Moria Get a Makeover

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I’ve been playing Lord of the Rings Online, or LOTRO, as it named by its fan, for over four years now, and Turbine is pretty good at fixing things for the better, especially since they gave Codemasters the boot for causing an exodus of many of its players two years ago when they made it free to play. This year, Clisair and I used some tax refund money to purchase VIP status, and it has been worth every penny.

When the Mines of Moria expansion was offered, we snatched it right up, and went to exploring with our duo team of an elven hunter and human lore-master right away. The place was very dark, very dangerous, and we were far to low in levels to even consider being in there, but being the curious cats we are, we just needed to know what was in there. The place was massive, and it was filled with so much more than the movies or the books can show you. My lore-master even accidentally traveled down the well that Pippin ran into that alerted the orcs to the Fellowship’s presence. How lucky she was that it led to the Waterworks, Moria main plumbing facility. The water landing was great, but getting past those things that lived in the water, not so much.

Now, we have a new team, a pair of rune-keeper twins, which we call the children of our hunter and lore-master, and this high-energy team has experienced Moria in a way their parents never did. The old Moria was very dark, and it was hard to tell what might be around the next turn. Goblins lurked in the dark, orcs patrolled in dimly-lit camps, and sometimes an Uruk Hai was there to command them. Not to mention the glow-worms, spiders, morroval, and other creatures that want the dwarves out.

It seems the dwarves found many, many reflective crystals in their new digs, because the mines are now lit up better than ever. The same creatures roam the areas, but they are easier to see, and since we went in with a higher-level rune-keeper duo, we are far better prepared to take one even the hardiest Uruk Hai commander. We’ve yet to see the light of Dimrill Dale, but now Moria is not such a fearful place, and worth the time to see. It is a haven for supreme-tier crafters, filled with artifacts, ore, wood, gems, and perfect hides of hardy creatures like Deep-Claws. If you are a level 75 anything, and are tired of doing deeds on the Great River, Dunland, or Enedwaith, then take a trip back to Moria and see all the new quests and refurbishments. If you have not reached level 50 yet, you have so much to look forward to. Tolkien really would have enjoyed what Turbine has done with his works. It is a shame he passed on before even Pong became a reality. His works carry on, and with the development team at Turbine giving us new content all the time in an MMORPG format, they will never go away.