The Media And Politics: A Retrospective

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If one were to believe everything that is in the news about politics these days you would have a really skewed view of America and its political parties. Lately almost all you hear about is the Republican Primary. With as much news coverage that it is getting you would think that America is electing its next president right now. You would think that the White House has been usurped by a Muslim radical that is not even a United States citizen who wants to start the next jihad. Nothing could be further from the truth. We are not having the general election now. We do not have a Muslim in office. We are not having a holy war at this time.

In a live telecast while the House majority was trying to sell its budget the person speaking actually said that his party was the smallest in the nation but was the largest in government. Do you know why that is? Do you know why the smallest group, according to the speaker, is in charge of the government and our lives? It is because of money and the media. So much stock is put on how much money a person can sling that the media likes to only cover that and its controversial effects. Its just the way that I see it. There is more to this country then just a bunch of kids drawing lines in the sand. That’s right, I called them kids, if we had acted that way when were were children in the 60’s and 70’s and even in the 80’s we would have been drug to the shed and had our tails whipped. When adults act like they do they are acting like spoiled children, both the politicians and the gawkers of the reporters that shadow their every step. They just can’t wait to tell the next big thing that they did. Don’t you just love America?

What the news and the people invested in the 2 party system will not tell you, or at least not that often, is that there are many other political parties out there. One of them almost took it all and made a good showing about 20 years ago. Both parties want to totally forget that it ever happened, at least that is the way I feel. I think that is why you don’t see them in the news that often. What party am I talking about? The Reform Party. It is the party that Ross Perrot and his supporters formed during his bid for the White House. He did so well that for several elections most states had a line on the ballot just for the Reform Party. The big two, the Dems and the GOP don’t want a third party in the mix let alone the several other parties that are actually in the United States. Wikipedia has a list of 42 parties!!!!

As you can see there is much more going on then the media is showing you and more then the 2 parties are willing to admit. If the media were to show you what the other parties were doing with as much enthusiasm as you see with the Democrats and Republicans this would be a whole new ball game in the political arena. Imagine if you will if you saw what all 42 parties were doing or even just the top 6 or seven? America would have a different outlook on things. It works for other countries but why doesn’t it here? The simple answer is that of money and campaign financing. If they took and showed you what was really going on they would not get as much money as they do now from the big two, again this is my opinion and the way that I feel about it and see it.

Its time that we start holding all those involved with the political scene accountable and have them start acting fairly and not just chasing money. While it is good to make money it is not always in the best interest of the country as a whole. What is in the best interest is that all the parties bee fairly and equally represented in the news and in national coverage. To that end here are 2 of the reform party candidates that are right now on the Americans Elect website.

Check them out as well as all the other candidates that are there and start becoming a more informed voter. At the same time I invite all Florida voters to visit my other website Drummond For Congress where I am currently running a petition drive and accepting donations for my campaign to run for US House of Representatives in Congress for Florida District 1. With the lines being redrawn this year I am able to accept petitions from anywhere in Florida as long as those filling them out are registered Florida voters from any and all parties.

Remember to check out all the candidates so that you know who it is that you want to vote for and not just the mindless choices that are shoved on the TV screen for you to see. Look past the hate and the violence that the big campaigns try to incite and look at what is really going on. It is the only way to make sure that this great nation of ours will be the best that it can be.

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