The Jungle (The Oregon Files)

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The Jungle written by Clive Cussler with Jack Du Brul is an exciting adventure tale that is full of intrigue and suspense as we are taken from the deserts of an Afghan village to the jungles of Myanmar to the Alps of France. And that is just the land trips that the crew of the Oregon make in this delightfully thrilling tale. It is truly amazing how realistic Cussler is able to make the characters that are in his books and the missions that he writes about. You almost feel like it is something that is happening right now the way that he weaves current events into the story line as well so that the material stays current. He is definitely a master bard deserving of a laureate with the works that he has produced.

MacD Lawless is a family man that used to be in the military but is now working with the security firm Fortran. It is his family that is the reason that he is in the middle of an Afghan beaten up and battered. He is also the reason that the crew of the Oregon were able to complete their mission and get out alive. If it were not for him they just would not have made it out at all. Islamic extremists want the Corporation and the Oregon out of the picture permanently out of the way but they also need them to make sure that they can pull off the biggest terrorist plot of the century. No one knows what is going to happen or how the pieces all fit together but you are assured that the Juan Cabillo and his crew are going to find a way. If they don’t … Life as they know it is going to be changed forever and not in a good way.

The entire story actually starts back in thirteenth century China where an observer from the west is being shown how village siege is broken. The machine that they use is of such revolutionary design that it could have come from our own time but was actually developed by the monks and scientists that were loyal to the Great Kahn. A weapon of such devastation that all who saw it feared what it could do when the sun was shining bright. With it and their mounted troops no village could stand against it. While the device was impressive it is actually only parts of it that the mad men of our time are after. With those pieces they are going to unleash hell on earth for all those that do not believe as they do. They mean to pull down the West and all her allies unless they do exactly what they say and there is nothing that they can do about it.

This book is an exciting read and will have you zipping through the pages to find out what happens next. Don’t be surprised if as you read this story that you will find that it is way past your bed time and you wont even care as you look back to read some more. Cussler is a master at writing and this is the 5th book that he has done with the collaboration of Jack Du Brul. You will not be disappointed with the book or how it end. The only disappointment that you will have is that it does end. Happy reading.