The Joys Of House Cats

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Cats are such wonderful creatures. They can fill your life with joy and give you happiness when no one is around. They keep you company and demand only your occasional affection in return. They really are the perfect pet to have and companion when no one is around. They are fascinating to look at and fun to watch as they roll and play or even watch them as they twitch in their sleep as they dream of some mouse they might be chasing. They really are wonderful creations given to us as a gift from Mother Nature herself but just as all people know, women can be really fickle at times. No wonder the cat is associated with the feminine.

Just as wondrous and fun the cat can also be elusive and stubborn. All the times in the past when it would come soon as you called or it greeted you at the door when you cam home or bounded across the field when you open the door, all that can change like the wind itself. That once lovable cat will now have nothing to do with you and wont even give you the time of the day. You rub it’s fur and it snaps and snarls at you. All men know this and have seen this in women as well, no wonder all cats are seen as feminine. That once lovable cat now despises and hates you it seems as it will do everything that it can to go against you, even tear up something that it knows is important to you. Can you see where the term “catty” comes from? When the cat gets like this you wonder why you even got one in the first place. You wonder if it was all worth it and then you open the tuna and all things change once again.

At the first smells of the food you have just opened or made the cat is once again rubbing itself all over you, doing anything that it can to please you so that it can have a taste of what it is that you have. They want it and they will make sure that you are as happy as you can be just so they can get it. No I am not talking about a woman I am talking about a cat. (No disrespect to all the women out there but you know what I am saying is true) What is it that makes the feline and the feminine act in much the same way with their affections, no wonder we love them both so much. They make our life happy and can make our life sad but we know that we would never want to be without either one of them for very long.

Something else about cats you should be aware of, when you have one you have many. When you have one cat in the house all the other cats are going to be coming around, trying to get your attention and love. Am I talking about cats or am I talking about women, seems that it is both at times. No wonder we love them so much. You also never own a cat, they own you. If you don’t do what they want, at lest some of the time, they are not going to do anything for you. They wont let you pet or hold them and they will show their teeth and claws if you come near them when they don’t want you. Even then we want to comfort them and try to find out what is wrong with them till they bit or scratch you. When they do that you hate them again and then when you cool off you go to find them once again so that you can know the joy of touching their soft fur and hear the purr that will sooth even a crying child. Their love may be conditional but it is great none the less.

Then there are the messy ones, the ones that just wont come out, they are almost feral but they don’t want to leave as they know they need you to survive. They will give you pure hell sometimes months at a time as they give you just a glimpse of themselves as they steal a piece of food. Most times you know they are around as you will find their presents and droppings all over the place. These are actually the ones that you will fall in love with the most as you try to show them that you care and will not hurt them.

Gods I hate cleaning up cat poo, aren’t cats a wonder and a joy?