The Iron Giant: It came from outer space!

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The-Iron-Giant-1999-Cover-ArtThere were many great animated films in the 1990s, but this has to be one of the best. Set during the Cold War, at the time of the launch of Sputnik and rampant McCarthyism, there was much for Americans to fear, especially things that came from unknown sources. In the winter of 1957, one great mystery came to a small town in Maine. Where it came from, we do not know, but this hulking robot had the capacity to learn from one young boy, Hogarth Hughes, about life and death, compassion and fear, and so much more.

Hogarth is a pretty self-sufficient kid. His widowed mother works at a local diner as a waitress, and is often asked to work extra shift. His late father was a test pilot in the Air Force, so science is always on Hogarth’s mind, but when a giant robot falls from the sky one night when Hogarth is watching scary movies by himself, he has to go investigate. He grabs his BB gun, but what he encounters is far beyond belief. After some misadventures, Hogarth and the Iron Giant become friends, and with the help of a local beatnik artist, they keep the secret from the town until a government agent shows up.

This guy works for an agency that specializes in supernatural subjects, but this agent is as hair-triggered as they come. He worms his way into the life of Hogarth and his mother, trying to learn what he can about the reported robot that came to town, and Hogarth eludes him for some time, but soon the truth comes out, and the army is called in, and is ready to hit this alien robot with a nuke. The army brass knows the dangers this can cause, but the agent is caught up in his fear, that he sends to command to launch, but soon, the robot saves the town by taking the bomb into space. Hogarth loses a friend, but there is hope that The iron Giant may come back, because his parts seek each other out, and the one part Hogarth has is looking for the others.

This is a great family film, and with a surprise guest voice with Vin Diesel as the Giant, you just don’t know what to expect from him. No wonder he was also the voice of Groot in Guardians of the Galaxy. Never tire of this film, because it just cannot be done.

I give this film a Musing review of ★★★★★★