The Incredible Hulk

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Banner is on the run and has been for some time. Now he is starting to get control of his body and is able to avert having The Hulk appear by controlling his heart rate. He takes special classes to help him manage his stress and his anger and has taken to wearing a special wristwatch that monitors his heart rate. That is where we start the film and from there it just flies into the action that you would expect with any film that has The Hulk. I think and feel that this is the best Hulk that they have made yet and a great inclusion for The Avengers. This Hulk has more feeling and emotion and even more intelligence then other versions.

Bruce Banner (Edward Norton) is trying to hide from General Ross as he tries to find a cure for himself. He has been taking martial arts training and stress classes to be able to better understand the changes that make him become the Hulk. We do find out that if his heart rate reaches 200 he will Hulk out and turn into the green monster that we all love to root for. He has been away from Betty Ross for years and still misses her but knows that it is too dangerous for him to be near her. Especially with General Ross being her father. It is the General that caused most of the mess by not telling Banner and his team exactly what it was that they were working on. If he had have known he might not have done the test on himself like he did.

General Ross (William Hurt) has spent the last 5 years trying to capture Banner so that he can find out how he becomes The Hulk. He wants to have that knowledge so that he can replicate it and have his own army of super soldiers. He doesn’t really care who gets in the way or even if Banner lives or dies, he just wants to have that power for himself that he can control. He knows Banner is smart and is doing everything possible to stay under the radar so Ross has to be extra vigilant and look to places others might not. It was an accident at a bottling plant Bruce was working at that lead to Ross finding him again. A drop of his Gamma Radiation enriched blood fell into one of the bottles and then someone in the states drank it. Ross was able to use that little bit of information to track down where Banner was hiding out.

Banner in his quest to find a cure has been trying herbs and flowers in varying doses to try and cure his Gamma Radiation sickness that causes him to hulk out when he gets mad or stressed. He knows that the only way he will ever be able to live a normal life with Betty Ross (Liv Tyler) is if the Hulk is gone for ever. He has been using secure channels to converse with a person known as Mr. Blue who is actually Dr. Samuel Sterns (Tim Blake Nelson), an eccentric man who was infatuated with the potential power of gamma-radiation. Banner, going by the name of Mr. Green, has been sharing bits of information with Stern to be able to devise a treatment for his condition. After everything has failed and Ross and his special operative Emil Blonsky attack him where he was living he had to flee once again after becoming The Hulk.

Emil Blonsky (Tim Roth) is a Russian-born officer from the United Kingdom’s Royal Marines Commandos loaned to General Ross and he is fascinated with what he sees in the raid on Banner’s apartment and at the bottling factory. Getting older and starting to wind down health wise he lusts for what Banner has. It is that desire that leads him down the path to become even worse then Banner is himself. First he is injected with the same supper-soldier serum that was given to Steve Rogers who became Captain America. Just that first small injection makes him stronger but it is not enough. After getting broken by The Hulk the serum heals him and then more is injected into him. He is barely containing the beast that is in him and he wants more and is going to do anything to get it. His lust for power eventually turns him into the abomination Enemy that Bruce, not Hulk has to decide to fight.

This film is loaded with action and drama and even a bit of romance along the way. For a comic book Marvel film the characters are believable and likable and makes you want to rewind the film, if using tape, and watch it all over again. This film is also a prelude to The Avengers in much the same way that Thor, Captain America and Iron Man are. This is a film that any Extreme Marvel Fan is going to want to have.

I give this film a Musing review of ★★★★★☆