The Game of Life

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Fun Factor:★★☆☆☆ 

I was pretty pleased to see this release at first, since I had so much fun with the PopCap version of Monopoly, but this game was rather chaotic, and did not play as smoothly as I expected. It was not quite the same as having that huge board laid out with its noisy, rainbow-coloured spinner, and the multi-coloured non-legal tender money with the people on it with the cute names like G. I. Luvmoney and in the 1960 version my parents owned, Art Linkletter was on the $100,000 bill. Then again, the U.S. Mint was actually printing bills with those denominations back then. It was pretty cool to see them, even though I was only five at the time. (My mother worked at City National Bank in Columbus, Ohio then.)

So, back into the 2010s with this new Game of Life. You started out choosing college or workforce, but the college choices were limited, but you could still earn a decent annual wage if you did go. The college-based careers were traditional, lawyer, doctor, veterinarian, etc. The workforce were more typical of what we see, salesperson, mechanic, etc, although I do believe mechanics make far more money than the game offered. They sure charge us enough. I played the game with four computer opponents, and switched to quickplay. I guess I should have kept the regular speed on, because it got kind of confusing from there. I was used to the standard 1960s version, and this new one was just all over the place. When it comes to The Game of Life, I far prefer the retro version, and that’s not so bad.