The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

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Fun Factor:★★★★☆ 

I have been spending some time playing Bethesda Game Studios The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim on the PS3 and I can truly say that the game is addictive. It is also a game that takes some time to get used to so that you can truly enjoy the game. The scores that I have listed here are from playing the game for a total of about 54 hours, the game keeps track of how many hours total that you have played. If I were to give you the scores from just one hour of game play it would be a crappy score indeed as it didn’t play like Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion at all. Once into the game, though, and you get used to the new controls it all makes sense and is actually quite fun to play, even if it can be frustrating when you die fighting a dragon. That’s right, dragons.

As you play the game you find out that your character, no matter what kind that you make, is Dragon Born. What that means is that your character has the soul of a dragon and possibly some dragon blood as well. The only way that a person can understand or use the dragon speech is if a person is dragon born or has spent several decades of their life just learning just a few words of the dragon speech. You see when a dragon breaths fire or ice on you they are actually speaking the words that cause the breath to ignite or freeze. It is when you get to Whiterun Hold and Dragonsreach and actually have to fight a dragon right outside the town that you learn you are dragon born. You kill the dragon and then absorb its soul. It is these souls that allow you to be able to learn various parts of the dragon speach and be able to use them. It is after this first encounter with a dragon that you wind up being summoned to High Hrothgar near the top of the Throat of the World, the highest mountain in Skyrim. It is there that you learn who or rather what you are and taught how to use dragon speech to perform shouts.

The game is rather dynamic in that what you do directly affects what else is happening in the game, even causing quests to stop or start with what you do. If you kill a merchant, that merchant is not going to come back. If you commit a crime the guards of that Hold or Province will be out to get you by either fines or imprisonment or worse. Everything that you do in the game has a direct influence into the game world itself. The game also remembers where you have been and what you have left behind in that place. It is amazing how much information the game tracks and uses in game. Because of this you will occasionally have some lag or slow loads of certain areas but not too bad of a load. Nothing like the load lag you would get with some levels of Crash Bandicoot, those were so long you would think something was wrong with the game or system.

At the start of the game your map, a 3D model of Skyrim itself, is totally blank other then that of Helgen. Anything else that is near it or the major Holds and Reaches will be blackened icon. When an icon is white you can actually fast travel to it, if it is back then you have to walk or take some other mode of transportation to it. Exploring or walking really is the best way to find things and get around when you are on quest. Along the way you are able to find bandits, Forsworn, giants and other folk along the way to make the game more interesting. You can even craft in the game to be able to make your own armor and weapons or even upgrade the ones that you have. To do crafting you collect materials from around the world and use those. You can even mine and smelt ore to make things from.

The world is so open that even if you were to finish all the quests that are in the game you would be able to find other things to do. You can even get married in the game and have them take care of your home when you are away adventuring. It is another way to be able to make money as the person at the house will set up their own shop that you can even sell to. I will say though that this game is not for kids or children as it deals with some very adult situations and materials. Some of those subjects deal with cannibalism, murder and theft of a nature that you do not normally see in fantasy games. You can be either a good guy, a bad guy or someone in between in this game and if you are not mature enough this game would not be a good fit for you. If you are someone that can take these themes in stride and take them for what they are really about then you wont have a problem but please remember that it is a game and not real life.

This game is both addicting and fun and you can really immerse yourself into the game and will find yourself just wanting to explore it all. It is really interesting when you try to find a way into someplace or climb a mountain when you can’t find the correct path to get there. This is one game that will keep you entertained for hours on end but since it is so immersive remember to take a break now and then or you just might get a case of the dizzies.