The Elder Scrolls Adventures: Redguard

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Fun Factor:★☆☆☆☆ 

The Elder Scrolls Adventures: Redguard is worst Elder Scrolls game that I ever played. This is one of their older games. This one is a year later after FF7 came out and FF7 totally blows off this peace of crap. I played this game about 2 hours and I was done. I can’t play it, because it looks really bad. This one is way worse than Saints Row 2 on PC. This game has bad frame rate, terrible gameplay, poorly looking graphics, bad voice actors, and DOS port.

Back in 98, everything went to Windows instead of DOS. I don’t why Bethesda put this on DOS. They should put on Windows because the game will probably run a lot better. The soundtrack is pretty good. It sound like a PSone or N64 game. The story is actually is pretty good. This game set before Oblivion and Skyrim. This game about this Redguard named Cyrus who is looking for his sister. The landscape in this game is Prince of Persia meets Pirates of the Caribbean. The story is pretty good, but this game should need to work on it little bit more.

The graphics look same from Daggerfall and the characters in this game look more like Tomb Raider character design. Talking about the 1996 version not 2013. Lara Croft looks better the characters in this game. This is first Elder Scrolls game that is third person. but the gameplay really bad. Most of time, I can’t hit anyone and I ran on top on a bush. That is messed up! The voice actors are really terrible and sound is really crap. I don’t where Bethesda was getting these voice actors but, they were terrible. Like this bad!

I was happy that Bethesda is now finally on GOG, and that is where I got this game, but one thing is, don’t get this game! I know GOG has it, but this game is really bad. I don’t know why IGN & GameSpot give this game high score. IGN give it a 7/10 and GameSpot give it a 8.1/10. I’m thinking those reviewer got payed to put bad games on the mark. They need stop giving bad games with good scores. They need to play the game, not look at the video. That is what is the problem. If I was you, I’d stay away from this game. Play the good Elder Scrolls games, not this one.