The Adventures of Jason and the Argonauts

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Fun Factor:★★☆☆☆ 

Although I did enjoy the story breaks in the game about the classic hero Jason and his crew from Argos, I found the game to be mediocre, and pretty much a waste of time. The graphics looked washed out instead of classical, and it was hard to determine what icon was what under the foggy mists.

As you went along in the game, you would get gifts from the Olympians, but you had to find their gold icons in the grids to activate them. Hera’s icon was a peacock, Athena’s was an owl, Zeus’ was a eagle, and so on. Often, hunting for these golden birds would distract from the match 3 subject matter of the game itself, and the gift you would receive sometimes would no be worth the effort you put into getting it.

Along with the story of Jason, there were other intermissions where you would use the gold coins that you are rewarded with in the game grid levels to build a city worthy of a classical period heroic leader. The graphics in that were not much better than the game grids. The sound was more annoying that enhancing, and I found that this game was worth an uninstall once I finished testing it. If you are a fan of Jason and the Argonauts, there are some great movies based on that subject that would be far better to spend times with than this game was. Play one of them instead.