Tennis in the Face

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Fun Factor:★★★★★ 

If you are a person that just can’t get enough of Angry Birds, then 10Tons might have made this game just for you. I don’t know what they are serving the game developers in Finland, but it must be something good, because these guys and girls make just about the most addictive casual games out there. If you have played Angry Birds, you will find this to be similar, but there is a little backstory that leads up to our anti-hero’s silly acts of vengeance.

A tennis pro, Pagassi, has hit a slump due to his addiction to a vile sports drink, Explodz. Once he goes through rehab, he decides that Explodz needs to be destroyed, so he goes to the city where it is manufactured, and proceeds to take down the advertising clowns, the corrupt cops, the scientists, and other players involved with making this poison. His weapons of choice are his tennis racket, some very bouncy tennis balls, and cans of Explodz, and other explosives he finds along the way.

This might seem like a simple kind of set-up, with a Mousetrap kind of strategy, but every level is different, and they get harder to figure out as you progress through the city. You might find yourself playing the same screen over and over again to figure out how to take your enemies down in the fastest and most efficient way. Once you do, you might sigh with an exasperant, “Finally!” or you might cheer with a “Now that’s what I’m talkin’ ’bout!”

While this game definitely has a retro Saturday morning cartoon look to it, it is very much set in our times. The fun factor score is pretty up there, and you might find out why when you try Tennis in the Face. I was pretty happy with it, and it was very different from all those hidden object mysteries and match 3 games that casual game sites are overloaded with. If you want something fast-paced, fun, then you will like it. If you are tired of cookie cutter casual games or the overbearing market of nasty-tasting sports drinks loaded with corn sugars that are supposed to taste orange soda, then you might like it, too, even if the revenge on the industry is imaginary. Just try Tennis in the Face. 10Tons/Myth People just keep cranking out hit after hit. If they ever take on the HOM games, we will see something spectacular!