Tenchi Muyo – Mihoshi Special and Pretty Sammy

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This cute DVD has the Pretty Sammy OVA as well as the Mihoshi Special. It is a fun and fantisiful adventure that just about anyone can enjoy. For those that have seen Tenchi Universe you will recognize this spin off of when they were jumping through the various multiverses that Washu’s machine had created. Even though the episodes do not seem to connect right to each other they do stand on their own and don’t really leave the viewer confused like some other anime shows might. We do get to see a beginning and a middle but there really is never a end. These episodes are whimsical and meant to entertain and not have an ending so don’t expect some climactic end that is a reveal all. These are not that so just enjoy them for what they are.

Pretty Sammy is about Sasami Kawai who is just an ordinary girl and the sister of Tenchi. Their mother is Chiharu, a crazy karaoke loving woman that runs a music shop called CD Vision that employs Mihoshi and Kiyone. Mihoshi is still a klutz but is actually more intelligent and is in college where as Kiyone flunked out and is just trying to get by. Ayeka and Ryoko go to school with Tenchi and are always after him, even more so then in the Tenchi OVA or Tenchi Universe. They are like sharks after the smell of blood when it comes to Tenchi and it infuriates Sasami constantly the way that they go after him. She wants her brother to spend more time with her and not spend all his time running from 2 women that he can’t chose between.

Sasami’s best friend is Misao Amano who is a rather sickly girl and the daughter of a workaholic mother and a missing father that is a brilliant Japanese musician. Ramia and Rumiya use her to transform her into to Pixie Misa to fight Pretty Sammy so that they can stop Tsunami from becoming queen of the magical world Jurihelm. It is all the talking cabbit Ryo-Ohki can do just to make sure Pretty Sammy is able to stop them from causing too much trouble. The adventures that all of them go through are truly fantastical and sometimes might make no sense at all but they are fun to watch none the less.

As to the Mihoshi Special it is the ramblings of Mihoshi as she is waking from a dream about Pretty Sammy and how Pretty Sammy helps her and Kiyone stop the evil Washu from destroying the universe for the Galaxy Police. Since Mihoshi is telling the story you know that most of it is a figment of her over active and sleep muddled brain. Even so it is still fun to watch, the whole set, all 4 episodes are worth a view every now and then especially for the fans of Tenchi Muyo and its various incarnations.

I give this film a Musing review of ★★★★☆☆