What’s Up With The Tea Party

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You know it is great that a 3rd party is trying to make strides but I am not so sure about the platform it is being built on. They claim right on their website that they are “A community committed to standing together, shoulder to shoulder, to protect our country and the Constitution upon which we were founded!” I am not convinced of that at all. If they were to interact with our founding fathers I am sure they would have tried to have them lynched or burned at the stake as heretics. Our founders were not right wing Christians nor were they straight laced homophobes. Some played on both sides of the fence and no one cared about it. Many of our founders were not even christian. You can find many articles and books on just how “interesting” our founders were. The Tea Party says they want to take us back to the values of our founders, Right….

Our founders believed in religious freedom. They believed in a diversity of faith so much that they made sure it was in the bill of rights. They didn’t mean just freedom of religion for those that believed in the Christian God. They believed that all men should be able to worship god in any non harmful way that they please to do so. They wanted to try and make sure that they themselves would not be persecuted for what some of them believed it. Every time that I have seen a Tea Party individual speak it is always so far right wing religious that I am looking over my shoulder to see if they are building a pier to burn me on. To me they are just that scary. I do believe in GODS, plural, not just one. I am not the only one that does, so quit spouting the holier then though crap and actually start looking at what is going to help people.

Now the founder of the movement for The Tea Party, I really don’t have a problem with him other then his strict views of government and religion, but the rest is spot on for us. Now if he was the only member, that would be great, but he is not. All the other people that have jumped on board, in my opinion, are a lot of Republicans that are not getting their way and want to whine about it. I mean, come on, Sarah Palin as an advocate for family values and fiscal responsibility? How? Where? Show me and the rest of America hard copy proof that is not spun or doctored. From the news clips we have seen she doesn’t even like her constituents all that much and given them polispeech when they try to get an answer.

Damn, I thought I coined the word polispeech but someone came up with it at least as early as 2007. Polispeech is basically the spoken words a politician will use when trying to skirt the issue. At leas that is the way that I see it as. I looked for a definition online but could not find a definitive one so I give you mine. Basically rhetoric that is used to stall or mislead or redirect the conversation or maybe even all of the above.

Now, with all these wonderful self centered people, again my opinion, you are going to have clashes as you have been seeing in the news these past few days and weeks. I wouldn’t want these people coming to my front door let alone Washington where they could do some real damage. They want to lock our borders, segregate gays or anyone with a gender they don’t believe in, define marriage as a union between a man and woman for the purpose of procreation. Personally I like recreation and maybe some of the Tea Party members need to get in the bed for some good clean messy recreational fun. Some of the Tea Party people just are not what Dale Robertson had in mind I think. Anyone remember the pic of the old lady saying that she Tea Bagged for God? Hilarious.

The Republican party hates the Tea Party and that is saying a lot. Get this, they are saying that the Tea Party is TOO conservative. That’s a funny one but I can see their point. If the Tea Party has its way the Republican Party would not be able to lead people around by the nose and con all their money away from them. Again, my personal opinion of Republican Politicians. Most people do not even know what their party stands for otherwise I am sure that they would be voting a lot differently then they do now.

In short I don’t like the Tea Party. I don’t like anyone telling me what religion I have to be or who I have to be attracted to. I am a person who is part Druid, part Shaman, Part Wiccan and a lover of this planet. Isn’t amazing that the people that are persecuted the most are actually the ones that care enough to try and make a difference and the world a better place. I feel that the Tea Party in charge would make this nation worse, not better.