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The Wizard (1989) It’s more than a game…

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The-Wizard-1989-Movie-PosterIt’s the chance of a lifetime, as the poster says. It is also true for this film about 3 youths that are on a quest to get to Video Armageddon so that they can win $50,000 dollars. The film is more than just that, as most films from the 80’s, it is about the growth of friendships, dealing with heartache and loss as well. This film comes from a time where everything happening was new and people actually reveled in having fun. The gaming industry was young and everything 8 bit was the coolest thing under the sun. The film also gave a big boost to Nintendo and Super Mario Bros. 3, that was released after the move showed in the States. In all it was a fun film for kids and the parents that wondered what their children were doing all the time on that grey box hooked up to the TV.

Steamed about Steam

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This is getting tired and old where the gaming companies think we are all morons and stupid. When I buy a game, actually buy the physical disks for the game, to play offline or on my LAN ONLY I do not feel that I should have a damned game account to play it! So far the game companies are listening to all the whinny 12 year olds about how wonderful Steam is and how it has saved their gaming life. I could give a rats ass about them when it intrudes into my love of games and my ability to play them. I have been passing up titles because I actually go to the store to buy my disks and I see stuff like SecuRom or “Must have a Steam account” in the fine print. It is no wonder that the stores don’t want to carry the physical disks any more, too many of them are being brought back for a refund. I know that if I had a store I would make damn well sure that if the DRM was not listed on the front of the box I would put it in a section that tells the customer exactly what it is that they are going to be buying.