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Twisted Metal: Black

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twisted metal black
Fun Factor:★★★★★ 

Twisted Metal: Black is way better than the Twisted Metal game on the PSone. This game has most of old characters from Twisted Metal 1 & 2 back this time. There is one new character in this game and her name is Shadow. She is pretty good, but the old characters are better. The last 2 Twisted Metal games on the PSone were horrible. This game is better than Twisted Metal 3 & 4 was.

This game has a really dark stories from the characters. This game is dark and bloody. It reminds me of that game I played before. The game was called Dark Souls. Dark Souls was dark and bloody, but no cars and guns. This game has lots of guns, explosions, and hit-and-runs. In this game you can play story mode, Change mode, and online. Story mode is about choosing a character that you like and play through them in 8 rounds. The change mode is about playing on your own time. You can choose a map area and choose the number people you want to fight. The online is on the second disc. This game has to 2 discs. The first game is the main game and the second disc is the online.

Robo Pit 2

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robo pit
Fun Factor:★★★★★ 

Robo Pit 2 is a robot fighting game and it is a fun game to play.In this you are making your own robot. You can make it as boy or girl. I made two robots in this game. I made one as boy and made the other as girl. The one I made as boy is name my game name. My game name is JIMJIM. The one I made as girl is Sailor Venus. Sailor Venus is one of my favorite character from Sailor Moon. I named her that because I was thinking of her in my head and I was watching Sailor Moon lately.

Twisted Metal

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20545_1306858744khfcpTwisted Metal is a old classic PSone game. This game came out around 1995. That was when the PSone was getting started. This one of best classic PSone games of all time. This game takes place in the streets of Los Angeles on Christmas Eve, 2005. The person who started the Twisted Metal competition is know as Calypso. Calypso will give anything to the winner that he or she wants to have in life, but one of them has to win the Twisted Metal competition first.

The last person standing is the winner. There are characters to chose in this game. The characters are Sweet Tooth, Warthog, Outlaw, Darkside, Hammerhead, Yellow Jacket, Roadkill, Spectre, Mr. Grimm, Crimson Fury, Pit Viper, and Thumper. In this game you are shooting up cars or trucks to win the Twisted Metal competition. You got some special weapons. Rockets and machine guns on your car or truck. This game does not save. This uses a password. If you put in the password correctly, it will leave off when the last time you played. So don’t forget to write down your password, otherwise you will forget. The graphics are kind of like the first Need For Speed game.