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Alien : In space no one can hear you scream

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The film that scared audiences and home viewers for years is also the first serious science fiction world from world renowned director Ridley Scott. It was ground breaking for its time and is still thrilling people even now. It is one of those iconic films that will stick in your hear forever. No one who has seen the film can forget the scene where the Alien first shows itself or when the facehugger first attached itself to crewman Kane (John Hurt) after they found the huge massive ship on the deserted planet. This film is attracting new viewers all the time.


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In 1986 we were all given a taste of what it was like to go to NASA’s SpaceCamp. Even though this movie was filmed at the facility in Huntsville, Alabama, the setting was Cape Kennedy. Andie Bergstrom (Kate Capeshaw) is a crack pilot, but keeps getting passed over to go on shuttle missions. She is ever the alternate, but never gets called to the Show. He husband, Zach (Tom Skerritt), is a NASA commander, and runs things from Ground Control. Ever since she saw John Glenn’s orbit pass over her farm back in 1962 when she was a tiny Southern belle, Andie promised herself that she would go up. When a new group of campers comes under her “command” at the camp, he does not realise it, but this will be her chance.