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Jojo’s Fashion Show: World Tour

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Fun Factor:★★☆☆☆ 

I was rather disappointed with Jojo’s Fashion Show: World Tour. The game started out pretty fun, doing a show in Tokyo. It takes over from the first game a few years later and Jojo’s daughter is now running her own fashion line out of Rio. So we start off doing pop fashions in Japan, the Goth Loli, Loli, Tokyo Street, and Kimono Crazy looks, which are really fun, but once we got out of Tokyo, things started to slide a bit. The things we were given to work with to help Jojo make new looks were recycled from previous levels, and often did not even match what we were supposed to put together.

Sniglet of the Day : August 24

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Sniglet Of The DayAdulatery – cheating on your wife with a much younger woman who holds you in awe.

Adulatery seems to be something that might be more common than we think, thanks to the media and all those right-wing Republican politicians that think they can get some fresh, young thing on the side. “Oh, but they must be set to a higher standard,” voters say, but as Chris Rock says, “We can’t turn it down if it’s chasing us.” Don’t discount the Democrats on this, because they do it, too, and you don’t have to be a politician to engage in adulatery. It can happen to just about any Western, and probably Far Eastern males, as well. And that younger woman who holds these men in awe, sometimes it might not even be a woman, but guys, if you hold any kind of celebrity status, be in it Washington, London, Tokyo, or Hollywood, keep it on the down low, because in the Information Age, the only thing that moves faster than the speed of light is gossip, and your new paramore might be setting you up for a fall, or maybe just a bail-out. No matter what your ideology, be it Green Party or Tea Party, there is nothing that will take you down faster than Adulatery. In the news, it is always known that bad decisions make good stories.

Godzilla 2000 – Get Ready To Crumble

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The films original title in Japan was Gojira ni-sen mireniamu and it was one hell of a ride threw the churning waters of the Pacific and the cities of Japan, especially Tokyo and Shinjuku. This is a film that will make you think especially with the events in 2011 with the nuclear plants that were hit by the tsunami and earthquakes. The films were originally started over the concerns of nuclear contamination and that theme has always been in the Godzilla’s film, it is what created the big monster to begin with. This film is no exception as Godzilla keeps going after the nuclear power plants and relay stations. When ever there is some kind of surge in radiation you are sure that the big G is going to come and show up. Godzilla is also the only thing that saves Japan time and time again from all threats that he himself does not create.