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Mushroom Age

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Fun Factor:★★★★☆ 

While time travel has always been a fascinating subject, the hidden object mystery game Mushroom Age takes it to a new level of fun and silliness. We are playing as Vera, a regular lady with a fiance’, Tom, that works in time travel theory. When she goes to her man’s workplace, she finds his boss there instead. Dr. Einbock is a dead ringer for Einstein, and just as goofy. Before we know it, Vera is using a cellphone-looking thing to travel through time and hunt her fiance’ down through all kinds of places, from the far future, back to the Jurassic period, into the Stone Age and who knows where else?

MIB3 (2012) Men In Black 3

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Some of the tags for this film include Back to the past… to save the future as well as Back in time to save the future. That really does give an apt description of this film. It is in no way a bad thing either as this film, in my opinion, is better then either of the first 2 films. I would even say that the MIB3 is twice as good as the first film. This is definitely the best Men In Black film to be made so far and here is to hoping that if another is made it will be as good as this one or better. If you have seen the first two MIB films then you are going to love this one. If you never saw other MIB movies or shows you are going to want to see them just because of this movie. It really is that good of a film.

H.G. Wells – The Time Machine (2002) – Where Would You Go?

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Movies have always looked to attract audiences with the thrill of time travel but they usually do not get it right. Most times the plots are so far fetched that they are doomed right from the start and they would need a time machine just to fix what they screwed up to begin with. In this version from 2002 Dreamworks and director Simon Wells,who is the great-grandson of the original author of the book The Time Machine, they seem to get it right. They bring to the screen the charm, the pain and the thrill that H.G. Wells envisioned with a bit of modernness to update it for our time. This is one of the best time travel films to hit the big screen and a fitting remembrance of the author H.G. Wells.

Star Trek (2009) Reboot from J.J. Abrams

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Spyglass Entertainment has one hell of a hit on their hands with J.J. Abrams reboot of Star Trek. It just doesn’t get better then this with high action, more action then we have ever seen in any of the Star Trek Films. This will be the one Trek film that you will be watching again and again for years to come. We still have all our favorite characters, they are just all brand new and slightly different and different in all the best ways. This one film will keep the franchise going for years to come and we are all waiting to see what they come up with next.

Treasure Seekers: The Time Has Come

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FunFactor: ★★★★★ 

This latest version of the Treasure Seekers series has just made this series an autobuy for me, for the whole thing. The devs have taken two of my favourite things, time travel, and hot ginger dudes, and put them together in this game. Tommy is the focus in this edition, and we still get the great gameplay and puzzles. We get that strategy guide to help us along when we get stuck, but this game has added the the 4th dimension into the mix, and it just makes the magic so much better. Tommy shows us some of that Treasure Seeker ingenuity we have come to love, but by using the new resources as his disposal, he takes on his arch enemy not only in the 1930s, but in our time, and goes back to the 14th century to get into a search for the Holy Grail to prevent an asteroid attack. The Treasure Seekers should come out of cyberspace and into a TV series. There is so much going on here, Nelly and Tommy could take on the world from any time and anywhere, and still make it back home in time for High Tea and a Manchester United game.