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Alice: Madness Returns

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Fun Factor:★☆☆☆☆ 

Alice: Madness Returns isn’t that good as a game as its prequel and this game sucks! There are several problems with this game. 1, the graphics, 2, the storyline, and 3, the characters look like Tim Burton characters. The graphics look like they were not finished. The graphics need to be worked on a little bit longer. When I was playing this game, the graphics didn’t look PlayStation 3 worthy at all.

This game look like a Nintendo 64 game. The graphics were not smooth like Batman: Arkham City, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, or even Skyrim is. Those games have better graphics than this game. The gameplay is little bit jerky. Whenever I jump, it will keep on getting stuck in the air, I got stuck in the air for a little while. I was not so happy about that.

Beetlejuice – The Name In Laughter From The Hereafter

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The Maitlands are taking a well deserved vacation at home in Winter River, Connecticut but their real estate relative wants them to sell and is giving them nothing but grief because they don’t have a family yet. That is where we start the film and with a big fat creepy spider crawling on top of the model of their house that is in the attic. This is one of those films that people are either going to love or they are going to hate just because it is a Tim Burton film. Like all of his films it is filled with strangeness and creepy sounds and visuals that are intended to actually draw you more into the film in a way that you would not think possible. Once you see this film it is going to stick in your head forever and ever and ever and if your not careful it just might stick in your head forever more after that.

Alice in Wonderland

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This 2010 version of the Lewis Carroll story is more of a sequel to the original Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland story than the one we are used to seeing portrayed in various versions over the decades. This movie has a brilliant cast of many high-end actors and actresses, mostly British, with a few North Americans here and there, but it is truly a British tale. In the beginning, we see six-year-old Alice still struggling with the idea that her adventure might have been a silly dream, but her doting father, Charles Kingsleigh (Marton Csokas) assures her that even if she might think that she could be insane, that all of the truly best people are, and that it is perfectly fine to think of sic impossible things before breakfast. Fast forward to 13 years later. Alice (Mia Wasikowska) is of marriageable age, and her father has passed, leaving her as the heir to his shipping business. Alice is to be married, for all the wrong reasons, to Hamish (Leo Bill), the son of her late father’s business partner, Lord Ascot (Tim Pigott-Smith). Lady Ascot (Geraldine James) has been planning a match for her son for two decades, and will not let anything stop it from happening. There we see many family members that have similarities with some of the people and creatures she met in Wonderland many years ago. Faith and Fiona Chattaway (Eleanor Gecks, Eleanor Tomlinson), twins whom finish each others sentences. Aunt Imogene (Frances de la Tour) a dotty older woman who is still waiting for some exotic prince to whisk her away. It is a huge engagement party for an engagement that hasn’t even happened yet.