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Dark Souls

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Fun Factor:★★★★★ 

Dark Souls is action-RPG game and it fun to play, but this game is really hard game to play on the PS3. I played it on the XBOX 360 version and it was easy. Dark Souls is a game you want to play, but don’t play at night. If you do play at night, you are going dream about that game. I will play it during the day, not at night.

This game is about when your character is escaping from the undead asylum, and your character sees a giant raven take your character to the city of the ancient lords. You will run into people who are on there journey to city of the ancient lords. Before you play this game, you need to make a character first. It is hard make female characters in this game. The female characters in this game look creepy. I tried to make to make her sexy, but it didn’t work out too good. In the beginning of the game, if you play a female character, your character will look like Freddy Krueger with a wig, and that reminds me that song “She Ugly“by Durrough.

Tenchu Z

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Fun Factor:★☆☆☆☆ 

Tenchu Z isn’t a PlayStation 2 game. This game is a XBOX 360 game and this game isn’t all that great. I played the demo of this game at my friend’s place and I was thinking this game was going to be better than Tenchu: Wrath of Heaven, but I was wrong. The graphics are not so great. The graphics look like PlayStation 2 instead of a XBOX 360 graphics. I love PlayStation 2 so much, but I don’t like an XBOX 360 games that look like PlayStation 2 games. If I want to play a PlayStation 3 game that look like PlayStation 2 game, I will play it, but not on a XBOX 360.