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Sniglet of the Day : November 25

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Sniglet Of The Daywaxident (wax-i-dent): when a dripping candle leaves a waxy residue on the table.

So, you are most likely putting up the holiday trimmings today. Garlands of pine, bows of red, gold, and Royal Stewart tartan, and of course, Oh Tannenbaum. Surely there will be pine, cranberry, spice, and peppermint candles all over your space, but be careful how you set them out, else, once they are lit, you might have a waxident. Candle flames are small, but they move to the whims of the airflow, and that is something just cannot be controlled. There might be a little waxy spill to the left, or to the right, and rarely ever does the candle wick burn directly in the centre. If it does, then you are very lucky, but then, also you might have to dig the wick out once that wax pool hardened. Maybe not so lucky. Maybe the best way to avoid a waxident is to use an Un-Candle, and fill it with pretty holiday plants or glass baubles. Yeah, I know those things are so retro, and they smell like a deep fryer, but if you really want that down home Bethlehem circa 1 C.E. scent, you could always use extra virgin olive oil. It’s much easier to clean up if it spills. Have fun decorating, and keep your pillars, tealights, and votives clean and safe.