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Wrath of the Titans: Feel the Wrath

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When they released the remake of Clash of the Titanss, I was really glad. I had seen the original movie in 1981, and even though in its own day, it was epic, I knew the remake would be far superior, just at the fact that Avatar’s Sam Worthington would be much better as Perseus than Harry Hamlin had been thirty years earlier. I was very happy with the outcome. Another thing that was lacking in the original was what brings us to Musings today, a sequel.

In this story, Perseus (Sam Worthington) has married not Princess Andromeda (Rosamunde Pike), but the demi-goddess, Io. Demi-divines are still mortal, and Io has passed on. Perseus is raising his son, Helius (John Bell) alone and irking out a living as a simple fisherman, wanting to leave the gods of Olympus behind him. Helius is his reason for just about everything now, since the boy is all he has, and he loves him dearly. In this time, since his defeat of the Kraken, people have become somewhat atheistic, and are no longer praying to the gods for pretty much of anything. The gods are aging, and losing the power, because it is worship that the fuel on which they use to survive.

Heroes of Hellas 2: Olympia

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Fun Factor:★★★★★ 

I used to play Heroes of Hellas quite a bit back in the day. After a few drive upgrades later, I sort of lost the game, and never got a new copy. I was pleasantly surprised to find a couple of sequels has been made since then. Heroes of Hellas 2: Olympia goes much further in depth than the original, and we are doing so much more than merely hunting down heroes to help us in a quest. Anyone who loves classical mythology and legends should give this a try. Our new challenge is to build a grand city from the town of Olympia. It is the one bright spot in Greece that was not destroyed when a vicious demon escaped from Tartarus. So not only are we hunting new heroes, we are also getting help from the gods and titans as refugees come to Olympia to forge out a new life. With every new puzzle, comes a new challenge, so it is never the same puzzle twice. You play in a match 3 mode at the start, but later on things become vastly different. There are new tools added as you gain new heroes, as well.