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Haven on Syfy

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Haven is a small little town with big problems even though everyone tries to ignore them. The town has a deep dark secret that they are trying to forget and it is up to the 3 main characters to deal with them and try to figure them out. At the end of last season we saw that Audrey Parker wasn’t even the real Audrey Parker (Emily Rose) but actually someone from the towns past but she has no memory of that time. Now there are 2 Audreys and we all want to know what is going to happen with them. The other 2 main characters are that of Duke Crocker and Nathan Wuornos. Nathan (Lucas Bryant) is a town cop as well as Audrey’s partner is trying to solve all of the towns mysteries. Since his fathers explosive passing he is now pretty mush running the police station and wondering what he is going to do with himself now. Duke (Eric Balfour) is now running a tavern/bar as well as smuggling at times and wondering how it is that he got into the mess to begin with. If it hadn’t been for Audrey he wouldn’t care about what was going on at all. She and Nathan seem to be turning him into a person that actually cares about the town and others.

Behemoth (TV 2011)

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Syfy channel aired one hell of a movie on Saturday January 15th 2011 that is totally action packed. Syfy has finally gotten the Saturday monster movie right for a change, so if you’ve got a spare couple of hours on the weekend in between gaming and reading, check it out. It was a believable film as far as science fiction goes and even threw in some ancient legends to explain how cultures in the past just vanished over night. The script was well written and the acting was tremendous.

Behemoth stars Cindy Busby from Heartland and The Vampire Diaries , Michael Adamthwaite from New Moon, Ed Quinn from Eureka and Gary Chalk, from Stargate SG1. Director David Hogan takes this cast and others as well as us on a wild adventure in the north western mountains. One of the mountains starts to rumble and the locals fear that the mountain is about to go volcanic but it is far worse then that. The only person in the town that has a solid clue or theory about what is happening is the town loon played by William B. Davis.