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Super Eruption a Syfy Original Film

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Yellowstone has become unstable and is about to erupt. The only problem is that it already has 640,000 years ago and it is doing it again. Can two park rangers and a scientist stop it in time to save the world? That is what this film is going to show us and it does it with style and class without too many cheesy Syfy stunts. This is not your usual Saturday night Syfy Original Film. This one actually gets it done in a way that makes it look more like a big picture film then the usual half baked creature films that they have been known to show. This one actually entertains you and doesn’t expect you to be a mindless idiot that is drooling with insanity. This film actually respects your intelligence for a change.

Red Faction: Origins (SyFy 2011)

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This live action movie taken from the heart of a video game is a thrilling action packed film that will keep you fully entertained and ramped up to see just what will happen next. This film first premiered on SyFy and is about 2 factions that are in a tenuous peace with each other with a buffer neutral zone between them. One embraces faith and has little to do with technology while the other are colonists that use technology to terraform the surface of Mars. Both hate each other for their ways of life but they hate is not the real problem but it is a tool that another can use against them. Neither side, the Marauders of the Red Faction can see eye to eye on anything other then the desire to be rid of each other. Their past is so filled with hate and distrust that they can not even see truth from the other side even when it would benefit them. They would rather kill each other on site then to bear to be around them. That is where the film starts and it just gets even deeper from there.

SyFy Originals Iron Invader (TV 2011)

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Do bears crap in the wood? Yes and so does this SyFy Original Film, it craps out on so many levels. The acting was indeed on par with a decent budget film and so was the cinematography on anything not related to the Invader. The Invader totally kills the show all together and takes a good plot with good actors and slaughters it completely. Who ever was in charge of the creature needs to get help or a bigger computer budget. I know that these films are low budget films but come one the special effects department could have done a better job.