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Warriors of the Lost Empire

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warriors_of_the_lost_empireWarriors of The Lost Empire is pretty good game to play on the PSP. This game looks like Dungeons & Dragons, but it in the Roman times. This game is about helping out a city that has been cursed for a long time. It is up to these four warriors to free the city from the curses. In this game, there are four warriors to play. The warriors to play are an Amazon, a Dark Seeker, a Highlander, and a Gladiator.

The Amazon use a bow and some arrows. She is pretty good for a amazon. If she was in Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, she will take down some dragons that easily. The Dark Seeker is one I like to play. She uses a sword and a shield. She is the best character to play in this game. The Highlander uses two-handed weapons. He can use great sword, battle axe, or any two-handed weapons. He is like one of those Nords from Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. The Gladiator looks like a assassin because he uses two weapons with him. He can use blades only, but not bows or two-handed weapons. There are no guns in this game at all. Just swords, axes, and bows.

N3: Ninety Nine Nights

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N3: Ninety Nine Nights is a war game. It is not like Call of Duty because, there are no guns, no tanks, and no fighter jets. This game has swords and bows. It is not a first person game at all. This game is third person game and it is like Samurai Warrior. You’re killing how many enemies you can do. When you are playing the game will show how many enemies you have already killed. When you are playing for the first time, you will die a few times, but you get used to it later on in the game. The first time I played this game I said, “Wow! That was one of the most awesome games I ever played.” This will blow your mind away. In the begin of the game you got two characters to play.