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Review: Resident Evil Afterlife

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One of the hottest films of 2010 was Resident Evil Afterlife featuring the talents of Milla Jovovich, Wentworth Miller and Ali Larter. This is the 4th film that Milla has done for the franchise and it looks like it might be more. I am saying that because of the way that the film ended but you will just have to see the film yourself to know exactly what I mean. I will tell you this though, make sure that you keep watching when the credits start to roll because the spoiler is during them.

I have loved these films since they first started being made. Whats not to like, they will scar the crap out of you even when you are ready for what is happening. There are tons of gore, guts and blood all over the place, not my fav reason but it is for others. They are films with a definite plot that is thoughtful, suspenseful, trilling and even emotional. All of those reasons don’t hold a light to my favorite reason to watch them, I love to watch them because they have Milla in them. I don’t care if she has a bred mate and a child, she is one hot momma and a damn good actress to boot.