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Royal Riddles – A confusing mosaic of a game

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Fun Factor:★★☆☆☆ 

Today we are looking at the game Royal Riddles, available from Big Fish Games.

The learning curve on this game is rather steep for a casual game, especially when you are used to other types of games that tend to give you step by step hands on tutorials and help. In this game you are given a grid that you must then either block or keep open depending on the information that is given on the edges of the board. The tutorial that you are sped through tells you to click on certain blocks but does not explicitly tell you why. It is a very confusing game to start out with.

There are help informations in the options of the game that are almost as bad as reading stereo or DVD player instructions, but those I would understand. They are not intuitive at all and once you do figure it out, I had to ask my wife for guidance since she had played those kinds of games before, you realize that it is a mosaic game that plays a lot like Sudoku would be played.

3D Knifflis : The Whole World in 3D!

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FunFactor: ★★★★★ 

3D Knifflis : The Whole World in 3D! is as purely puzzling as it gets. Match 3, coffeehouse mahjongg, sudoku, and many more. It’s every logic puzzle you can think of with all the tools to make them run smoother like hammers to knock out blocks, lighting bolts to take out random blocks, swaps to offer up more moves and bombs to move the blocks along. There are even swap out picture puzzles that give you a view in 3D, but it uses that old 1890s tri-colour technology, so don’t make your eyes water trying to see it that way. Just focus on the puzzle play itself. It is very challenging, and you might breeze through some levels and be grinding on others. You never really know what to expect in this puzzler. Getting to the picture puzzles is worth the fun, and if you want to see some great graphics throughout your game, then 3D Knifflis just won’t let you down. Puzzling simplicity for those who like brainy games, and enough bright graphics to keep it interesting. The sound score is rather bland and flat, but this is purely left brain activity, so you don’t even really need the sound. Game on! with 3D Knifflis : The Whole World in 3D!