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Tuber versus the Aliens

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FunFactor: ★★★★☆ 

Tuber versus the Aliens is a different kind of puzzle game, featuring strategy, in a colourful setting. It seems like it might be similar to Go, or Othello, but it goes a bit beyond that. Tuber has been sent out as a soldier to take on these aliens that are using solar shields as their power source. Tuber has to destroy the cells to free up the parts of the world these aliens have covered up. In each battle, Tuber is given territory, as are the aliens, and to stop them, he as to taken out the coloured shields that the aliens are holding. Sometimes the small shields change colours, but, unless Tuber has a tool to unlock the colour of the shield the aliens are holding, he cannot take out that colour. Sometimes the game can be a little frustrating, but strategy games are not supposed to be easy. These aliens are really going to put up a fight. It is worth the fight when you are able to take out another part of the solar shield so those aliens get a little weaker. This is one game strategy gamers will really enjoy, and it’s kind of cute, too.