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Lord of the Rings Online Revisited

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May 8, 2011 C.E., 4th Age
After a hiatus from this game, it turned out that Turbine is still using the point system, but it has become more group friendly. The storytellers that made this game nearly impossible for couples and families to play in groups without stiff penalties are gone. Perhaps their system was causing LOTRO to lose much of its earlier customer base. I do not know the full story, but the game is better than ever now, with the exception that what I once had to earn through gameplay can simply be bought with Turbine points. The new area of Enedwaith is now open, and it seems the enemies are not as blind as they once were. Lothlorien and Southern Mirkwood are filled with repeatable quests, and who knew there were so many orcs and trolls in Mirkwood? The old system is slowly coming back into play which made me like it before, but enough of the newer stuff is still there to make it easier to do, like map locators. The nightmare that I had experienced in the Free to Play Beta is gone. Even though parts of the game are still Free to Play, actually earning those Turbine points through deeds and actions makes the game much better now. Sure, entering the digits of your credit or debit card can earn you points, too, but to unlock certain places in Middle Earth, it’s not such a bad thing. Somehow, seeing all this stuff again, it was like it was all new again, but I still remembered it clearly, and went back to some old quests and deeds that we left untouched from before, and found that I could rack up the Turbine points rather quickly. Thanks, Turbine, for setting things to rights again.

Sniglet of the Day : February 28

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Sniglet Of The DayGlomortunist – a persistant gamer who tries to glom on to your party in an MMO, no matter how hard you try to shake him or her off.

Lots of great MMOs out there these days, and many seem to be variations on the theme of certain ones. If you are lucky enough not to be a person who insists on running through one solo, and have a permanant party member with you, who just also happens to be the person you are married to, or or maybe the whole of your little nuclear family that games together, you might end up running into a glomortunist. This is a person who sees that you have a tight your party is and wants to get in on your organisation to gain some quick and easy XP without doing any real work. Mind you, these are only games, and purely for entertainment, but the industry has gotten so big, that many players tend to become stressed over these RPGs and forget what their real purpose is. The glomortunist uses this to his or her advantage, and if not shaken off, can breeze right through some levels, while the family group of players takes all the damage and loses the energy. The glomortunist is really pushy about getting in on your group. If you are part of one of those tight gaming groups of family, friends, or students who plays these games together from the same house or living unit, don’t let the glomortunist break your stride. Most likely, somewhere along the way, in your MMO, the storytellers and devs will use some kind of borked marketing strategy to alienate this kind of play anyway.