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Castlevania Chronicles

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Castlevania Chronicles is remake from the first Castlevania game. The original Castlevania game was on NES. This game is the first Castlevania, but now they remade it, and it looks way better. This is the first vampire hunter game they ever did. The original was on NES and been around since 1986. But the PSone version was around since 2001. I like that they updated the graphics. The graphics are still 2D, but it looks better than the 1986 version. There are only seven sages in this game, but it is much harder. The gameplay runs like the original game. In the opening of the game is about these dark priests that are bringing back Dracula from the grave. Now it is up to the vampire hunter name Shimon. His job is to stop Dracula. This game take in the late 17th century. In this game you are fighting zombies, Evil fishmen, skeleton warriors, bats, and evil big frogs.