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Sniglet of the Day : August 17

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Sniglet Of The DayRocktose (ROK tohs) – n. The hard lumps that block the pouring spouts of sugar dispensers.

You know dextrose, and sucrose, and high fructose corn syrup…. Stevia, aspartame, xylitol and saccharin, but to you recall the most annoying sweetener of all? It’s rocktose! Those lumps of rock candy-wannabes that populate the counters of diners and coffeeshops around the world, daring you to try to sweeten your coffee or tea with the remaining granules of sugar that are sitting at the bottom of the glass and stainless steel cylinder. That little covered hole at the top can only let so much sugar out, and rocktose refuses to budge through that slot. So, do you really want to fight the rocktose, or maybe this might be the time to drink your tea or coffee unsweetened or black, which really isn’t such a bad idea. Do you really want to trust some kind of cane or beet sugar that has turned to a hunk of rocktose? You could try some laboratory-created sweetener, but you know it just won’t taste right. So, take on the rocktose if you must. This just might be what Fred Flintstone sweetened his coffee with, literally!

A truly natural sugar alternative, Stevia

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With all the variations of sweeteners out there, sugar, honey, the altered corn sweeteners, plus all the manmade chemical-based ones like sucralose, saccarhin, and aspertame, it can be difficult to find something to take care of a sweets craving, and avoid all the side effects. The best route to take comes from the Andes and has been cultivated there since the days of the Inca, Nazca, and Moche Indians. It’s a little flower that thrives in these mountains, and creates a nectar that is ten times sweeter than sugar, safe for diabetics, and even provides fiber. Take a chance on Stevia someday, and you might finally find that sweet fix you’ve been looking for. You can buy stevia at most supermarkets, and it is found in the baking goods section of the store. There are online stores that feature stevia, like, and Try a packet in your tea some time, and you’ll never go back to the pink, blue, or yellow stuff.