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The Covenant: Four have the power. One will stop at nothing to possess it.

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It has been over three hundred years since the Salem Witch Trials, but that does not stop the Sons of Ipswich from gaining power in their teen years. Over the centuries, four bloodlines of witch families have handed down their power from generation to generation, such is the binding of The Covenant. There was said to have been a fifth line, but it was supposedly lost early on. Now, the newest generation of Sons are closing in on their Ascension, on their eighteenth birthday. They all go to the same school, Spenser Academy, a private school near Gloucester. Two new students have transferred in, a sweet blonde girl, Sarah Wenham (Laura Ramsay) and a mysterious, but upbeat young man, Chase Collins (Sebastian Stan).

Sky High (2005)

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The writers and director of Walt Disney Pictures Sky High have taken comic book super heroes in a new and imaginative direction where young students gifted with powers are sent to a high school for super heroes. They live in a world so full of super heroes that they need a place to learn together and to learn how to use their abilities. As with any high school environment not all students are good students. Sky High has its own cliques, its own bullies and all the other variations that you see in a school setting. This is truly a film for the whole family.