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Azkend 2: The World Beneath

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Fun Factor:★★★☆☆ 

Myth People did a nice bit of a touch up on their Azkend series with this game, and treated us to a steampunk era adventure in this match 3 game, with a little hidden object mystery thrown in. We play this through the eyes of a scholarly Englishwoman, maybe a teacher, or a professor, so we see the story unfold through her eyes, and the gameplay is down as a match 3 chain.

Your chains feature icons that were popular in science studies from the period, trilobites, t-rex skulls, and other paleontological or archeological symbols. It plays not unlike Azkend, and there is still the image matching mini-game, which distracts from the story more than enhances it. Had this been a true HOM, it could have been a great contender with any of the tales from ERS studios. I am curious to see what our heroine will find, and will get back to her story, but with many great scary games to be had before Samhain comes, we might get back to her before Nikolai Tesla’s birthday. If you are really into match 3 games, take her for a spin, you might enjoy it. It has a very Vernian feel to it.