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Star Trek Insurrection

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This film was pleasant enough to watch and a nice way to take and kill almost a couple of hours but it really should have been a two or three part episode on TV then placed on the big screen. The film feels like it was scripted for television instead of a theater audience and even had the same kind of pacing that we came to expect from the series Star Trek Next Generation. If they had not canceled the show I am sure that we would have seen this on the TV instead of in the theaters. Its no wonder that this film fell into the possible suck zone of the Trek films. While good to have on a DVD or even a Blu-Ray it was not worth the money it cost to see it on the screen back in the day. Some have said that it was the actors that were the problem with this film, I say it was the script writers that were the problem with this film, it just did not flow smoothly enough for the big screen.

Star Trek First Contact (1996)

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Star Trek VIII First Contact was directed by Jonathan Frakes and his directing skills make this film one hell of a ride. It has action, suspense, drama and just the right amount of reflective time to keep you guessing and wanting as you watch the film unfold. This film is a true gem in the Star Trek franchise and I hope that Frakes who also plays William T. Riker comes back to direct even more Star Trek in the future. He inspires the actors to bring all of the returning and new characters to life as you have never seen them. Gone are all the stupid dumb women that played key roles that they should never have had to begin with. All the leading actresses in this film are strong and confident and is reflective of Jonathan’s directing style.

Sniglet of the Day : January 15

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Sniglet Of The DayNeosapiens (knee-oh-say-pee-ins) A life form very nearly human whether on Star Trek or not.

We see them on all kinds of movies and TV shows, those aliens that look so human, it hard to tell if they are or not. Time Lords, any of the many people from across the galaxy ruled from Coruscant, from Hoth to Dantooine. They are everywhere in the media, and easy to cast. You will see them in Star Trek and Star Wars and Star-whatever, on Doctor Who and Torchwood, and just name a John Carpenter movie they aren’t, except that vampire one. Neosapiens are everywhere, and for all we know, they are corporate lobbyists or maybe just that co-worker who seems a little odd for some reason. Seriously, neosapiens are most likely going to show up mostly in scifi and fantasy movies, and I wish you luck in trying to figure out exactly which people are human and which ones are not. Note that most neosapiens are rather nice to look at, but some might have an evil mind or a hidden agenda that sort of creeps regular cast members out. You will know these guys or girls soon enough. Most usually won’t survive to the end of the show or movie. Good luck out there in entertainment-land, all you neosapiens!