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Star Trek Online Free To Play

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Star Trek Online Free To PlayI received an invitation to try out Star Trek Online Free To Play on the 19th of January and was excited to try it out. It will not matter how much you want to play you will need to be patient as you will have at least a 24 hour download no matter how good your speed is. My download was consistently at 24 to 32 KB/s and it is a 3668MB download. Another bad thing about the downloader is that it mucks up your internet connection for the entire time that it is downloading so that you are not able to do much of anything on the net as it downloads. That is something they really need to get fixed and fixed fast. I hope PerfectWorld and Cryptic will make that a priority in patches to come. Till then you are just going to have to be patient and just wait it out while not doing anything meaningful on the net or anything that is connected to that router as it affects everything connected to the main connect to the net.

Star Trek (2009) Reboot from J.J. Abrams

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Spyglass Entertainment has one hell of a hit on their hands with J.J. Abrams reboot of Star Trek. It just doesn’t get better then this with high action, more action then we have ever seen in any of the Star Trek Films. This will be the one Trek film that you will be watching again and again for years to come. We still have all our favorite characters, they are just all brand new and slightly different and different in all the best ways. This one film will keep the franchise going for years to come and we are all waiting to see what they come up with next.

Star Trek First Contact (1996)

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Star Trek VIII First Contact was directed by Jonathan Frakes and his directing skills make this film one hell of a ride. It has action, suspense, drama and just the right amount of reflective time to keep you guessing and wanting as you watch the film unfold. This film is a true gem in the Star Trek franchise and I hope that Frakes who also plays William T. Riker comes back to direct even more Star Trek in the future. He inspires the actors to bring all of the returning and new characters to life as you have never seen them. Gone are all the stupid dumb women that played key roles that they should never have had to begin with. All the leading actresses in this film are strong and confident and is reflective of Jonathan’s directing style.

Star Trek V The Final Frontier (1989)

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Star Trek V should really been called the Search for God in the most idiotic way. This film made the axiom of odd Trek films SUCK a reality. While the film is entertaining it is really out there and beyond reality. Sorry Shatner you goofed with this bomb and your lucky the fans forgave your blunder. There wasn’t enough action and the whole plot and story line seemed contrived, no wonder it was stolen and used for Star Ship Troopers III, heck even the “GOD” set was the same for that film. Anyone that has seem both films knows exactly what I am saying with that statement.